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It’s Written in the Stars: The Guide to a Perfect Zodiac Match

When it comes to love and romance, many people believe in at least a touch of fate and destiny. But what if the future wasn’t just written in the stars, but also influenced by them? For those who love everything zodiac, or people who simply enjoy checking their horoscope occasionally, the following is a breakdown of the star signs and what they say about a person’s romantic personality.


Aries: March 20th- April 19th


Energetic and passionate, Aries throw themselves into everything they do, including their love life. Rather than sit around and wait for love, the Aries single has likely signed up to one of the popular dating sites in the UK, such as Aries are excited by the thrill of the chase, and don’t like taking no for an answer. A relationship with an Aries is never dull, as they love giving, and receiving as well.


Best Zodiac Match: Gemini


Worst Zodiac Match: Virgo

Taurus: April 20th – May 20th


A Taurus is usually looking for security and stability rather than casual romance. They might try out a dating site such as eHarmony, which is intended to help find love and marriage, rather than dates and hook ups. A Taurus might be difficult to pin down, as they tend to resist change. However, once a Taurus is committed, they will not be easily influenced, making them less prone to gossip and lies. As a born artist, the Taurus loves beautiful things, and is a true slave to the senses.


Best Zodiac Match: Cancer


Worst Zodiac Match: Aquarius

Gemini: May 21st- June 20th


Gemini’s are multi-faceted creatures, and often hide behind a variety of masks until the real person underneath is revealed. Scared of long-term commitment and monogamy, the Gemini must be sure to know what they want before stepping into the world of online dating. Despite loving change, Geminis consider loyalty important, alongside excitement and an active social life. Naturally flirtatious, Geminis find it easy to charm people, but might also accidently lead people on.


Best Zodiac Match: Libra


Worst Zodiac Match: Pisces

Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd


One of the most important elements for the Cancer is maintaining emotional security. A Cancer who appears moody or restless may be hiding deep feelings that require communication and sensitivity to uncover. They tend to be caring, nurturing, and very loving. A Cancer may be scared to reveal too much, too soon, but once they do open up, their loyalty and devotion is unparalleled. A Cancer who has been hurt by others might retreat into themselves and find it difficult to open up about their feelings. Romantic at the core, a Cancer sign is looking for someone who can be truly sensitive to their needs.


Best Zodiac Match: Taurus


Worst Zodiac Match: Aquarius

Leo: July 23rd- August 22nd


Leos love the limelight, and would likely love nothing more than the attention of a new match. Generous with their time and emotions, Leos often feel insecure when affection isn’t returned as quickly or wholeheartedly as they would like. Leos using online dating will likely enjoy using Zoosk, which has powerful mobile apps, meaning they’ll never have to wait too long for their next reply, and can throw themselves into getting to know new people. However, Leos would be best served holding back their infamous quick temper. Even though they are great at forgiving, it can be a real turn-off for potential dates.


Best Zodiac Match: Sagittarius


Worst Zodiac Match: Capricorn

Virgo: August 23rd- September 22nd


A typical Virgo may have had relationships end in the past because of their tendency to be too critical about problems and not vocal enough about what makes them happy. Not every criticism has to be vocalized, and if a Virgo feels as if they must discuss something that bothers them, they could try to do so in a gentler fashion. Practical and conscientious, Virgos would be well served to loosen up a bit. A dose of spontaneity could help bring fun and excitement to their love life. As Virgos are loyal and the true epitome of ‘still waters run deep’, people are missing out on a special relationship if they overlook them based on surface alone. Dating sites such as EliteSingles can help other signs see that the Virgo is truly compatible underneath the reserved front.


Best Zodiac Match: Taurus


Worst Zodiac Match: Gemini

Libra: September 23rd- October 22nd


Libras are not known for their cautious nature. They are prone to saying I love you too soon, or changing their relationship status before they’re really sure it’s what they want. Despite having the best intentions, the outcome is often breaking someone’s heart. In love with the very idea of being in love, Libras are romantic, invested and happily coupled up from day one. Indecisive and gullible, they must be sure to have true friends around who will guide them with their best interests at heart.


Best Zodiac Match: Aquarius


Worst Zodiac Match: Pisces

Scorpio: October 23rd- November 22nd


The Scorpio is a misunderstood soul and a tangle of contradictions. People might call them independent and clingy in the same breath, or perhaps both passionate and cold. The truth is that Scorpios are probably pretty good at hiding who they are. Private to the point of being secretive, Scorpios need a lot of trust to open themselves up to someone. They may have fewer friends than others, as quality is more important than quantity in their eyes. Underneath it all, the Scorpio is capable of sacrificing and compromising heavily for the person they love.


Best Zodiac Match: Cancer


Worst Zodiac Match: Libra

Sagittarius: November 23rd- December 21st


Enthusiastic is probably something that Sagittarius men and women are called more than anything else. Their love and zest for life make them a hot commodity among singles, but their fierce independence may stop them from truly making a commitment. The best advice for this sign is to try opening up more about their feelings and to think about what they want for the future, rather than focusing on small talk and adventure.


Best Zodiac Match: Aries


Worst Zodiac Match: Taurus

Capricorn: December 22nd-January 19th


Capricorns are known for their ability to plan ahead. Quieter and more reserved than most of the other star signs, they are cautious and careful with their hearts. Slow and steady can often win the race, and not jumping in until they’re sure about a new match can be a successful strategy to find love. As Capricorns are often focused on achievement, online dating can be a fantastic way for them to find love. Choosing a site like EliteSingles might help narrow down the search and gently introduce them to someone new.


Best Zodiac Match: Taurus


Worst Zodiac Match: Aries

Aquarius: January 20th- February 18th


Aquarius are known as leaders of the pack, intelligent, spontaneous, and uncaring of what other people might think of them or their ideas. Intellectual stimulation is of the utmost importance to this sign, so they are likely seeking someone to learn new things from and share a deep mental connection with as well as a romantic one. Commitment doesn’t come easy for Aquarius, and it can make them feel vulnerable and exposed. They must take baby steps into new relationships, but be sure to know when it’s time to give a little leap of faith.


Best Zodiac Match: Sagittarius


Worst Zodiac Match: Virgo

Pisces: February 19th – March 20th


Probably the best known water sign, Pisces singles are compassionate, sensitive, romantic and imaginative. When they’re with the wrong person, they tend to become too dependent, submissive or develop inferiority complexes. Because this sign is often so sensitive and delicate, they are influenced massively by all the things around them. This could be friends and family, their work and home life, or even the weather or the food they eat. Often seen as mystical or spiritual, many feel they are picking up on energy from the world. As Pisces are happiest in a loving long term relationship, eHarmony could be the right choice for finding a partner.


Best Zodiac Match: Scorpio


Worst Zodiac Match: Libra


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